How to create anchor in webpage or websites

Anchor Tag Code

Anchor tag code consist of two HTML element steps:

Create the link

To link on the same page:  Use <a href="#anchor">Link Text</a>

This anchor is used to jump to a specified spot on the same webpage.

To jump a specific location on a different page, replace #anchor with the full URL for the page, eg: <a href="">Link Text</a>

The second part of an anchor tag is the actual anchor.

Placed at the beginning of the line where you want to start reading after you jump
<a name="anchor"></a>

Here is an Example of an anchor link:

For a link for cell phones, Samsung S8

First place the anchor name in the body of the page

<a name="s8"></a>

Then place the next code at the destination the achor should jump to:

<a href="#s8">Read more about Samsung S8</a>

Easy does it!